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Just when you think love is as good as it gets, it gets better!

We live in a world that is made of a full spectrum of love. Try some new ways of looking, listening, and speaking that reveal the love around you and express the love within you. Begin with this book and discover your own new ways to express and acknowledge love with words!

Little Book of Big Love

Little Book of Big Love

Little Book of Big Love has an introduction to a new way of experiencing love that will open your heart to the love around you that you don’t notice today and deepen the love you already expreience. Then there are three main sections: Expressing Your Love for Another, Acknowledging Another’s Love, and Acknowledging Mutual Love.

When you give yourself this gift, everyone in your life gets the benefits as you do. When you give this gift, the recipient knows you care that their life is full of love.

5″ x 8″ 136 pages

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